3 Moves that Mariners could make after trading Jarred Kelenic to the Braves

The Mariners traded away Jarred Kelenic (and Marco Gonzales and Evan White). Here are some moves that we could see next for Seattle

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Mariners could make a trade with the Rays and sign a pitcher

This is the immediate one, and the one that many people will think is going to happen. How big of a deal will it be though? The Rays are definitely looking to cut salary, so it isn't hard to think that they are going to be looking for creative ways to get rid of it. They are far from a dumb team though, so it isn't like you are going to be able to rob them blind. They are heading into 2024 at about $125M, but they've never been above $85M.

So, that could that look like? Well, the Rays like youth and control. The Mariners have a good amount of that. The Rays also have a big contract sitting there in Tyler Glasnow and he is supposed to be making $25M or so in 2024. There is no way that he pitches in 2024 for the Rays. He isn't the one that was mentioned right away in any of the proposed deals, but it make sense. That's a lot of money, and taking him off the Rays hands would go a long way in obtaining hitting assets.

The Mariners don't just need a pitcher though. In fact, that isn't what they need at all. They do need a good pitcher though if they send one out. Which the Mariners would need to do in this deal, and it could be any of Miller or Woo. I would say Gilbert, but it's unlikely if they are taking that contract (even though Glasnow is a stud) and it ends up being Miller or Woo. There is a ton of control there, and gives Tampa someone to put in their rotation they can trust for the rest of this decade.

It's the fourth paragraph, and I haven't even gotten to the ones you want to hear about. The real reason you do this trade is to get Randy Arozarena and Isaac Paredes. It instantly makes the lineup better, although there will still be work that needs to be done.

Mariners receive: Tyler Glasnow, Randy Arozarena, Isaac Paredes
Tampa receives: Bryce Miller, Gabriel Gonzales