3 moves that could happen after the busy Friday for the Mariners

After a crazy Friday afternoon, involving 2 separate trades, here are the next 3 dominoes that could fall.
Division Series - Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners - Game Three
Division Series - Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners - Game Three / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Friday has been a wild day as the Mariners acquired longtime fan favorite, Mitch Haniger, as well as pitcher Anthony Desclafani, sending Robbie Ray to the Giants. It is reported the cash for 2024 is neutral, so the Mariners get a solid pitcher for depth, as well as a right fielder with high upside, but a lot of injury concerns. At the same time that was happening, it was also reported that the Mariners were nearing a deal with the Tampa Bay Rays, sending Jose Caballero in exchange for Luke Raley. Many fans thought there could be more to this as this seems like a steal for the Mariners.

The Ray for Haniger deal gets the Mariners out of a lot of money as Ray is due $73 milion over the next 3 years while Haniger ($17M this year with a $15.5M player option next year) and Desclafani ($12M this year) require significantly less long-term financial commitment.

With these moves done, the Mariners can still stand to add another bat. Haniger has struggled to stay healthy, Raley had a fairly high strikeout rate in his first full season, and you are going to ask a lot out of Dominic Canzone. These are a few of the next dominos that could fall after a flurry of moves Friday.