3 Mariners I am higher on than most, 1 that I am lower on than most

With a flurry of moves made this offseason, and no real stars added, we take a look at a few players I am high on, and 1 I think we need to temper expectations.
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Coming into this offseason, the rosters seemed relatively complete. They had one of the best rotations in baseball and finished just one game back of the final wild card spot. They opted not to extend the qualifying offer to Teoscar Hernandez, leaving a hole in right field. This really only left a need in right field, an everyday DH and either a full time second baseman to push Rojas to the bench, or a platoon option for Rojas.

After the Mariners acquired Luis Urias, it seemed like he would platoon with Rojas. That's one need marked off. Now they just needed a right fielder and a DH. They were rumored to be in on Cody Bellinger, Jorge Soler, Mitch Garver, and a few other names that seemed like solid additions. Then a very surprising move happened where the Mariners traded fan favorite, Geno Suarez to the Diamondbacks in nothing more than a salary dump. This put so much confusion into Mariners fan's heads and left us wondering what they were going to do.

Fast forward to now and the roster looks a lot deeper (I know a lot of fans will argue that the roster isn't as good), and sure, you can make the argument that the loss of Teo and Geno are huge, but there is no denying that this team is a deeper unit than last year's team. This team does have some uncertainty but I wanted to touch on a few players that I am higher on than most people and why. I also wanted to go over a player that I feel we might need to temper expectations for.