Mariners 2022 Prospect Rankings: #25-21 featuring Joe Rizzo

SEATTLE, WA - APRIL 02: A gold Florida necklace sits over the Seattle Mariners logo on the jersey of Mallex Smith. (Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images)
SEATTLE, WA - APRIL 02: A gold Florida necklace sits over the Seattle Mariners logo on the jersey of Mallex Smith. (Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images) /

We’re starting to get into it now, as this will be the last “group” ranking of Mariners prospects. Everyone that made it to our top 20 prospects will have their own article written up, so expect a bit more depth and insight on everyone that made it. If you missed out, we do have #30-26 up, as well as those who just missed the list.

For now, we are going to look at #25-21 for the farm system. We’ve got a few corner infielders to look at, an OF, and a pitcher. Let’s get to it and see who finished up in the #25-21 range for Mariners prospects.

Mariners #25 Prospect: RHP Juan Mercedes – Age 22

Mercedes has been roughed up a bit, but his stuff is much better than ERA suggests. A high K rate and low WHIP come from a nice grouping of pitches, led by a 95mph heater with a bit of movement. He also has two breaking balls and a change in his repertoire but needs a better handle on it. His delivery is repeatable, something that’s always worth watching. If he can get better command on the other pitches, he could easily be a #3/4 starter.

Mariners #24 Prospect: OF George Feliz – Age 19

Even though he’s only 19, it’s make or break time for Feliz. Originally, he was projected as a decent power/speed guy, with better speed than power, and the ability to play center. In the ACL in 2022, he’s struggling with strikeouts as well as contact. He does have good instincts in CF, and is a smart kid. He will need to use that to fix his approach, as he has the talent for 50-55 tools in every category.

Mariners #23 Prospect: 3B Milkar Perez – Age 20

A monster arm is what stands out here, coming in as elite. It makes sense to put him next to Feliz, as they have high ceilings, but are performing well short of them. He’s struggled mightily in Modesto to make contact, but has an incredible eye and boasts a 21.1% walk rate. That stat gives hope that he will be the top 10 prospect many thought he could be.

Mariners #22 Prospect: 3B Joe Rizzo – Age 24

Spending 2021 and 2022 in pitcher-friendly AA, Rizzo has shown a good eye and the ability to mash. It took him a while to figure it out, but he has showcased an increase in power that gives hope that he could succeed at the next level. He’s got a shot at 20/20 2B/HR in 2022 while finishing above a .800 OPS. With the ability to play 2B/3B, Rizzo is knocking on the UTIL door of the Mariners.

Mariners #21 Prospect: 1B Robert Perez Jr. – Age 22

Speaking of mashing, Robert Perez mashed his way out of Modesto and into Everett this season, getting the call-up at the beginning of August after slugging just over .500. His profile is hard to nail down, as he might be 1B only. If he can show an improving eye in Everett, while keeping the power, Perez is going to change a lot of people’s minds. The power is around 60, and if he can stay serviceable in his other tools, it’ll make him a contender in 2024/25 for a roster spot.

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Stay tuned for more prospect rankings, and keep an eye out this week as we get into the top 20 and dive a bit deeper into each prospect. Go Mariners!