Mariners Analysis: The M’s Presence at the Hall of Fame

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My favorite part of the Hall of Fame is the lockers that celebrate each team. This is where team’s without as much Championship history or longevity get a chance to shine. On the bottom of the locker sits a Mariners Magazine featuring Robinson Cano. I can only presume it’s from right after Cano signed, as it says “Hello Cano.”

Moving higher up in the locker is a lineup card from a 2012 game against the Orioles. What’s significant about that particular contest? It marked the first time that three Japanese players were starting for the same team.

The Mariners ran Ichiro, Munenori Kawasaki and Hisashi Iwakuma out on the field that day. It’s also a cool piece of history because it has the “35” behind it for the M’s 35th anniversary season.

Our next artifact also comes from 2012 — Felix Hernandez’s jersey from his perfect game against the Rays that year. Twenty-seven up and 27 down for the King that day. I remember watching the final innings from my dingy house in Vermont on the computer, and it was a masterful performance from the franchise’s top hurler.

Next to the King’s jersey sits Ichrio’s jersey which celebrates his ten 200-hit seasons. Above that is Stephen Pryor’s hat. Why a hat from Stephen Pryor? It’s the hat he wore from the M’s combined no-hitter (also in 2012).

Kevin Millwood started that game before giving way to Charlie Furbush. He then gave the ball to Pryor, then Lucas Luetge, Brandon League and Tom Wilhelmsen. The M’s beat the Dodgers that night.

The Hall of Fame does a good job of sticking pictures in the lockers from modern players, probably as to attract younger fans with more recognizable names. That’s why ‘Kuma (L) and Kyle Seager (R) are featured.

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