Mariners Analysis: The M’s Presence at the Hall of Fame

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Right when you walk through the lobby and have paid admission to the Hall of Fame, you see four glass cases, that serve almost as lockers of the four inductees from this year: Craig Biggio, John Smoltz, Pedro Martinez and former Mariner Randy Johnson.

Sure, Randy Johnson reached more critical success after he left the Mariners, but the diehard Mariners fans know he was one of the most popular M’s on the most popular Mariner team (1995).

RJ won the first of his five Cy Young’s with the Mariners and helped resurrect the franchise in 1995.

In this case? Randy’s hat from the 1990 game he threw that was the first no-hitter in Mariners history. Chris Bosio, Felix Hernandez, and 6 M’s pitchers combined… have thrown no-hitters since then for the Mariners, but it’s cool to see this artifact from one of Randy’s earliest great Mariners moments.

The two baseball’s in the center both come from Randy’s 19-strikeout performances in 1997. The “Big Unit” fanned 19 against both the Chicago White Sox and Oakland A’s that season.

Other momentos from Johnson’s career make up the case, including the hat he wore when got his 300th career win as a member of the San Francisco Giants.

I believe that Diamondback jersey is from his perfect game with Arizona, but I can’t quite remember the description. I was only on the lookout for Mariners memorabilia.

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