Mariners Analysis: The M’s Presence at the Hall of Fame

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One of the more recent additions to the Hall of Fame, maybe within the last five years or so? Is the Latin America exhibit. This exhibit features country profiles from major Latin American baseball-crazed countries and artifacts from players. Livan Hernandez and his 1997 World Series dominance for the Marlins are there, as is stuff from Ozzie Guillen, Pedro Martinez, Roberto Clemente (I believe), and several other Latin stars.

For me, the coolest part was seeing Edgar Martinez’s jersey from his last game in 2004. Edgar still hit .263 with a .342 OBP in ‘o4. Not bad for a 40-plus year old. The M’s could use that kind of production right now.

Like most of you I’m sure, Edgar is one of my favorite Mariners. While Alvin Davis is “Mr. Mariner,” and Jr. is the “best” Mariner, Edgar is the guy who kept the franchise together after Randy, Griffey, and Alex Rodriguez left. Not only did he have the biggest hit in franchise history (“The Double,” 1995), but he played his entire career in Seattle.

Now the Mariners hitting coach, a new generation of M’s fans have the opportunity to hear the stories of how great a hitter Edgar was.

I’m not sure if Edgar will ever get a plaque in Cooperstown, but he will always have a place there in the Latin America section.

Edgar was a career .312 hitter across 18 seasons and was a seven-time all-star in Seattle. He also won batting titles in 1992 and 1995.

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