Seattle Mariners: Vegas Expects Team To Equal 2014 Win Total


The Seattle Mariners shocked many experts in 2014 with an 87-75 season, missing the playoffs by just one game. So how well do oddsmakers expect the Mariners to fare in 2015?

About the same, more or less.

According to a Vegas-based bookie, the Mariners over-under on wins for the 2015 season was set at 87.5 games.

That over-under represents the fifth-best in Major League Baseball, trailing only the Washington Nationals (93), Los Angeles Dodgers (92.5), Los Angeles Angels (89.5) and the St. Louis Cardinals (88.5).

So that means – according to this site – that the Mariners are expected to have the 2nd-best record in the American League, but get in as a wild-card.

According to Bovada, who also released their numbers this weekend, the Mariners have the 6th-best odds to win the World Series in 2015 at 16-to-1, tied with the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers.

The teams with better odds were San Diego Padres (14-to-1), Cardinals (12-to-1), Angels (12-to-1), Chicago Cubs (10-to-1), Boston Red Sox (10-to-1), Dodgers (17-to-2) and Nationals (13-to-2).

What do you think Mariners fans? What are you taking? The over or the under on the 87.5 wins. I will post my annual predictions in early March. But for now, if I were a betting man, and I had an extra $100 to lay down on Seattle, I would take the over.

With the most hype surrounding this club in over a decade, all signs seem to be pointing to a 90+ win season and a deep run in the playoffs.

But, teams with lofty expectations can also fall flat on their face when given a few injuries.

But I truly believe that even barring some stints on the DL, this team is capable of great things in 2015.

What do you think? Are you betting money on the win total? Are you playing 16-to-1 odds on the Mariners winning it all?

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