Sodo Mojo Tees: Support Cancer Research, Seattle Mariners All At Once


If you hadn’t heard already, we here at Sodo Mojo have designed tee-shirts that allow Seattle Mariners fans to show their pride and support of a great organization while ALSO supporting a great and meaningful cause.

Chase Jones, a UNC Alum who went to school with Mariners third baseman Kyle Seager, was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer back in 2006. Seager, a friend of Chase’s helped him start raising funds for cancer research.

Then, in 2013, Chase Jones opened the Vs. Cancer Foundation.

Here is a snippet of our conversation with Chase on twitter yesterday:

We first learned of this foundation through Kyle Seager’s connection to its eventual inception, but we wish to support their cause because we support their mission.

As a foundation, they take a 50-50 model with the donations:

Half of all the proceeds support LOCAL pediatric oncology programs, and half of all proceeds fund national cancer research efforts.

For more information about the foundation’s mission, how their operate, and stories they’ve shared, click here.

To simultaneously support the Vs. Cancer Foundation and your Seattle Mariners, look no further than the newly minted Sodo Mojo gold and blue tee:

Our goal is to sell a minimum of 500 of these stylish and topical shirts, with all the proceeds going to support Chase Jones and his Vs. Cancer Foundation in support of cancer research for children.

The shirts are only $20.00 (plus a $5 flat rate shipping charge for each order regardless of how many you purchase), but if you are compelled to donate more you are more than welcome to!– that option will be available on the purchasing page.

This fundraising campaign will go for two short weeks – because we want to ensure delivery to you on time for Opening Day.  So share with your friends about the cause and the new tee-shirts! The shirts will be shipped wherever you want them to go!

The more we sell, that means more money to support the Vs. Cancer Foundation. (Approximately $9 per shirt sold depending on how many we sell).

So if you want to support cancer research, if you want to show your Seattle Mariners pride, and if you enjoy reading here at Sodo Mojo, follow the link below to own your very own Sodo Mojo tee-shirt!

It’s a great cause: tell your family, tell your friends, and share the Vs. Cancer Foundation story to spread awareness and encourage support for cancer research.

Go Mariners!