Brad Miller Isn’t Going Anywhere, Except Maybe The Outfield


Seattle Mariners shortstop Brad Miller‘s name has popped up in various trade rumors dating back to last year when it appeared that there was going to be a shortstop battle between the incumbent Miller and Nick Franklin, who lost his job at second base with the signing of Robinson Cano.

Of course, Miller won the job and Franklin ended up being traded to the Tampa Bay Rays in the deal that brought Austin Jackson to the M’s from the Tigers.

So, Miller was recently offered as part of a deal that the Mariners were trying to complete to bring Matt Kemp to town. But despite that, Bob Dutton reports that, according to one team official, the Mariners are not actively trying to shop Miller.

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Every time I read an article from a New York Mets blogger, it usually revolves around the need for a shortstop and how Seattle is the most likely trade partner. That is not gonna happen. Why?

Because the best the Mets are offering it seems is Dillon Gee. No thanks. The Mariners have no use for him. Miller is sticking around whether it’s part of Plan Z or whether he is the Opening Day shortstop, he is here to stay, at least for now.

The Mariners have their eyes on several options to fill their need in right field and Miller is one of those options with Chris Taylor seemingly able to take over at short.

So, while Miller and company weren’t enough to get the Kemp deal done, rest assured, the Mariners don’t plan to trade Miller “just because.” Even the rumors of trading for Nationals shortstop Ian Desmond appear to be a distant memory already.

Miller will be in the lineup and on the field, somewhere, for the Mariners in 2015.