Seattle Mariners Seem Content On Initiating Plan Z


Let’s all take a minute and acknowledge the obvious – it was a quiet Winter Meetings for the Seattle Mariners. We have all talked about it ad nauseum, let’s move on. Let’s instead focus on the rest of the winter and what Seattle Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik has in store.

With yesterday being the first anniversary of the Robinson Cano signing press conference, is it so hard to believe that Jack could have a 2nd big trick up his sleeve in as many seasons?

While the Mariners have a 3-year contract offer out to Melky Cabrera, he is intending to hold out for a 4th year. That’s fine. Jack has a plan ya’ll, it’s called Plan ‘Z’ and it looks like this:

Disclaimer- I do not have actual insider information as to what Jack’s plan is. Let’s just all take a fun look at what it could be.

Cabrera is going to sign elsewhere. I don’t know that for a fact, but it sure seems that way given that Seattle refuses to offer a 4th guaranteed year. Which doesn’t make sense considering they gave four years to Nelson Cruz who is four years older than Cabrera.

Jack figures, if he accepts it, terrific, problem solved in right for three years. If not, he can say he tried and he can initiate Plan Z.

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Plan Z is to move Brad Miller to right field. Having him platoon with James Jones and Stefen Romero in right and with Chris Taylor at short. It could also potentially involve using Logan Morrison in right, when D.J. Peterson is ready to come play first in Seattle.

With all that money saved – and YES, the Mariners have plenty of money to begin with – and with all of the club’s young arms still intact having not traded for a bat, the plan is to throw big money at Max Scherzer.

Yes, THAT Max Scherzer, the one that – as it was recently reported – is said to have been wanting a 7-year deal over $200 million. That’s terrific. Give it to him.

The Mariners final payroll in 2014 was $107 million and Jack stated that he would have the financial flexibility to go higher in 2015. Even with the moves that have been made thus far – and with projected arbitration – the Mariners payroll sits at about $112.5 million. Some were suggesting that the number could go to $130M+ this year. So….go get Scherzer.

Is Scherzer going to actually get $200 million over 7 years? Yes. Just look at the deals given out to pitchers. It is a pitcher’s market. Adding Scherzer puts the M’s just over the $140M mark. That would have been the 8th-highest total on Opening Day last year, just behind the eventual World Champion Giants.

Plus, think about how deadly of a 1-2-3 punch would you have with Felix Hernandez, Scherzer and Hisashi Iwakuma. People thought that teams would have been afraid of the Mariners pitching had they got into the playoffs this past year. Those three in a 3-game series? Game, Set, Match.

Then, if Iwakuma isn’t re-signed after 2015, you have a rotation of Felix, Max, James Paxton, Taijuan Walker and Roenis Elias. The latter three having had another full year of prep between Seattle and Tacoma. Now the club has a better idea of what they have with those three and maybe even trades one at the July deadline if they see something they don’t like.

So could this all be what Jack has up his sleeve? Could this be the reason why he was so content on leaving San Diego without making a move? He says he has plenty of time and plenty of options and that may be true. But we’ll just have to wait and see. It makes sense when you think about it.

Or maybe I’m just coming out of right field on this one.