It’s Official! The Seattle Mariners Give Kyle Seager His Well-Deserved Contract Extension


A week after the extension spread like wildfire on twitter, the ‘pending a physical’ is no more and the Seattle Mariners have officially announced the 7 year, $100 million contract extension for their home-grown third baseman Kyle Seager.

Kyle Seager, still 27 years young, has been the staple of consistency for the Mariners.Last season he hit .268/.334/.454 while leading the team with 25 home runs and 96 RBI.

This is what GM Jack Zdurencik had to say about the left-handed third baseman:

"“This is a great day for the Seattle Mariners, our fans, and the Seager family. As one of our homegrown players it is nice to know that he will remain with us for at least seven more seasons. Kyle has taken a step forward each season since joining the organization in 2009, and has turned into one of the premier third basemen in the game. He has exhibited class both on and off the field and is someone we are extremely proud of. We are very pleased to announce this joint commitment by the Seattle Mariners and Kyle Seager as we strive towards our goal of winning a World Championship.”"

The Emerald City will be home to Kyle Seager through the 2021 season. And to boot, there’s an 8th year team option on the deal that could have this contract extension pushing $120 million dollars.

Seager will earn $4 million next year before $7.5 million (2016), $10.5 million  (2017), $18.5 million (2018), $19 million (2019 and 2020), and $18 million (2021). A $3.5 million bonus brings the total guarantee to $100 million.

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This move, now made official, is a statement by the Mariners that they intend to keep the All-Stars they’ve taught and brought up through their organization. Their commitment to winning and building a team the right way has them in a position to make a playoff push in 2015.

And with guys like Kyle Seager, Robinson Cano, and King Felix Hernandez in the fold for years to come, there’s no reason the Seattle Mariners cannot compete for World Championships throughout the rest of the decade.

Congratulations to Kyle Seager and his family, the Mariners and the city of Seattle are so fortunate to have you around for the next seven seasons.