Kyle Seager Gets A Major Contract Extension From The Seattle Mariners


First time All-Star and Gold Glove winning third baseman Kyle Seager is getting a 7-year/$100 million contract from the Seattle Mariners this offseason, according to Jeff Passan:

This is very exciting news for Mariners fans as Seager has become a fan favorite and hot corner protector. Kyle Seager, 27, has become one of the most consistent Mariners in recent seasons. Last season he hit .268/.334/.454 while leading the team with 25 home runs and 96 RBI. ESPN insider named Seager the 4th best third baseman in all of baseball, noting that he finished the 2014 season with the 15th highest WAR in the majors.

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With Seager locked up long term, pending a physical, the Mariners have their third base and second base locked up until 2021. They also have their number 3 and 5 hitters– in Robinson Cano and Kyle Seager– through the end of the decade.

The 7 year extension includes an 8th year club option that could reach $20 million with certain incentive and performance milestones.

Seager’s ascension to the Major Leagues was an atypical one. A third round pick out of the University of North Carolina in 2009, he finally cracked the Majors in 2011 when Chone Figgins— oh God– was playing so poorly the Mariners had to bench him.

Since them Seager has blossomed into a 20 home run/80 RBI guy, with those numbers creeping towards the 25/100 realm.

How valuable has Seager been to the Mariners? Take a look at this point made by Passan:

"Seager would join Mike Trout, Buster Posey and Freddie Freeman as the only players in their first arbitration-eligible season or before to lock in a $100 million-plus deal. In signing Seager, the Mariners would buy out his first four seasons of free agency and could have a fifth with the option."

Yes, Kyle Seager is a Seattle Mariner for a long time now, and no, the Yankees cannot have him. Some may think the Mariners are signing him too soon, but I think most will be happy that the Mariners are showing initiative and locking up one of their three best players.

With the signing– again pending the physical–, the Mariners have their Felix Hernandez, Robinson Cano, and Kyle Seager core through the rest of their primes, setting this team up for a bright future.