Justin Morneau A Possible Trade Target For The Mariners


Right now there are a couple names that the Mariners are rumored to trade for, among those names there is Matt Kemp, Dayan Viciedo, Josh Willingham, and Chase Headley.

But there is one more player that I found out that the M’s are targeting and that is Colorado Rockies 1B Justin Morneau.

Dan Syzmborski from ESPN Insider posted the story about the 5 potential trade targets for the Mariners and Morneau was one of them.

This season Morneau is having a rebirth in the Mile High city, he’s an All-Star once again and he’s been tearing the cover off the ball.

Morneau was acquired by the Rockies during the off season signing a 2-year $14 million dollar contract and all he’s done is produce.

He’s currently hitting .315 with 13 home runs, 59 RBIs, 100 hits, and in 340 plate appearances he’s only struck out 38 times!

Now if the Mariners would like to trade for Morneau they would have to give up some talent, but thankfully they do have a lot of talent in their farm system.

I believe the Mariners would have to throw in a combination of Gabby Guerrero, Tyler Pike, Nick Franklin, Dustin Ackley, and possibly Nate Tenbrink.

Now here’s the thing,  the M’s aren’t going to throw in 5 guys for one player. They may throw in 2 or 3 of these guys to trade for Morneau and the best part is that the Rockies will be paying for Morneau.

My guess is that Guerrero, Franklin, and Pike would be the three guys to be traded for Morneau, but even if the Mariners pull this kind of trade off just imagine how well this would help the Mariners in their playoff contention.

Morneau may not be the right handed power bat that people are asking for but he is a power bat none the less.

Another big bat that is both consistent and that adds some more pop will really help this team in their contention for the Wild Card and maybe even the AL West.

Now I’m just wondering this though? How many people are going to say that this would be a stupid trade since a lot of people were not too pleased with the idea of the M’s going after Alfonso Soriano.

Either way the Mariners should make a move because lets face it…..Corey Hart isn’t cutting it and yes I know he’s been hurt but in the 4 games that he’s played coming back he’s 2 for 14 and he has yet to put up a month in which he has hit above .250.

In his first month with the Mariners Hart did hit .240 but the next month he went to hit .172, plus this guy swings at pitches that are usually ball 3 or 4 and he would need a friggin golf club to hit them.

So again I ask……who will be against this trade idea? And again the M’s do need to make a move cause Hart isn’t producing and we need him to be like the Corey Hart in Milwaukee and he hasn’t been that.

Hopefully the Mariners do make a trade to get that bat they need that will help their cause and lets hope that Jack Z wont trade away any prospects that the M’s will eventually need.