Alfonso Soriano Could Fill The Mariners Need


Yesterday the New York Yankees designated Alfonso Soriano for assignment so I think his reunion with the team is over.

The Wankees….oops I mean the Yankees DFA’d him shortly after acquiring Diamondbacks pitcher Brandon McCarthy for pitcher Vidal Nuno, so the question is would Soriano make a good fit for the Mariners?

Soriano last year made a big impact after being traded back to New York from the Chicago Cubs. In the 58 games he played for New York last year he pounded out 17 home runs and drove in 50.

But so far this season Soriano has struggled hitting only 6 homers, batting .221, and has struck out 71 times compared to walking only 6 times!

Mariner fans remember Soriano well, especially in 2001 when he hit a 2-run walk off home run off of Kazuhiro Sasaki that put the Yanks up 3 games to 1 in the ’01 ALCS which basically broke the ’01 Mariners back.

Currently the Cubs are still paying Soriano from that 8-year $136 million dollar contract so the Mariners could pick up Soriano for basically nothing. But with his struggles at the plate this season you have to wonder, is he worth the risk?

The Mariners are sitting right now in 2nd place in the American League Wild Card and could use a right handed power bat that could generate runs for this team.

Soriano is a decent target but like I said before with how he’s struggled, is he worth the risk? Soriano has averaged 34 home runs in his 16 year career and he has spent half of his career in both the American and National League so he has no problem hitting AL and NL pitching.

Soriano is 38 years old and having him as a rental player for the rest of the season wouldn’t be so bad I guess.

The only thing that I can think of that would worry me about signing Soriano is that he wont produce and he will continue to struggle like he has been all season long.

But with the Mariners in the playoff contention talk I dont see any risk in signing Soriano since the Cubbies will be paying for him and not the Mariners.

If the Mariners scoop up Soriano I see it this way; if he doesn’t produce you’re not risking any money but you are risking a possible Wild Card spot and can you count on Soriano in certain situations to drive in runs?

If he does produce you have a power right handed bat that is providing runs and helping out your team to reach the playoffs for the first time since 2001 and you still aren’t risking any money.

So with me I’m both for and against the Mariners possibly scooping up Soriano, but again when your team is in the playoff talk and they have a chance to get into the playoffs you take the risk no matter what.