Who Are the Seattle Mariners’ Top-20 Prospects? Numbers 15-11


Sep 24, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Aerial view of CenturyLink Field (right) and Safeco Field before the NFL game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

If you can’t replace the players of today with players of tomorrow, you’re not going to have much of a baseball team. Every team needs to have a hot list of prospects to build the team’s future with. Yesterday, we reviewed numbers 20-16 (yes, it’s a countdown!). Today, we will look at numbers 15-11 on the Seattle Mariners’ prospects list.

#15 – Vincent Catricala – 24 Years Old – Third Baseman and Outfielder

Vincent Catricala, from Sacramento, CA, was a star when he played for the University of Hawaii. He always hit over .300 and had an OPS of .850. However, in 2012, he seemed to struggle at the professional level. He finished out his first season in the Triple-A with a .229 batting average and .640 OPS. On the defensive side, he needs to pick his game up.  He’s been placed on the active roster, and he’s expected at spring training.

#14 Julio Morban – 21 Years Old – Outfielder

Julio Morban, a left-fielder, is getting his shot at spring training this year. When he signed, the Mariners gave him a seven-figure bonus. In 2012, he averaged .308 and his OPS was .882 overall. He had 352 plate appearances (which makes that average more impressive) in 2012. If Morban can stay healthy, he can prove to the Mariners that he deserves some game time. Otherwise, he’s projected to be ready by 2015.

#13 – Tyler Pike – 19 Years Old – Left-Handed Pitcher

The Mariners acquired Tyler Pike from Florida State, where he worked on his three-pitch combination and attracted the Seattle ball club’s attention. Pike’s fastball often hits 92-93 miles per hour, and when he develops more as a pitcher his curve ball and changeup will be quite the forces to combat for batters. He had a solid season in 2012 with the minor leagues, and he’s expected to be ready for major league play by 2016.

#12 – Stefen Romero – 24 Years Old – Third Baseman

Stefen Romero has a solid batting average (.352 in 2012) that has earned him an invitation to spring camp this year. His OPS average is .991, and it looks like he’s going to give a solid delivery if given a chance. That sort of delivery could land Romero on the lineup – especially if he can consistently get on base and make his way home. This recruit from Oregon State is expected to continue to do well.

#11 – Gabriel Guerrero – 19 Years Old – Outfielder

In 2012, Guerrero had a .349 average with .986 OPS. He scored 15 home runs during the season. If that’s not enough to pull your head out of the sand, consider that this player’s uncle, Vladimir Guerrero, has been playing baseball for 16 years. He’s tied at #36 with Jeff Bagwell on the top 300 Major League home run hitters at 449 career homers. While the younger Guerrero has a ways to go before entering the big leagues (he’s expected to be ready in 2016), he’s showing an awful lot of promise right now.

What are your impressions of the #16-11 players?