Who Are the Seattle Mariners’ Top-20 Prospects? Numbers 20-16


Sep 24, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; An aerial view of Safeco Field. The venue is the home stadium of the MLB team Seattle Mariners. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Mariners have a strong prospects list, and it will be exciting to watch and see how these guys develop over time. In order to qualify as a “prospect,” the team member cannot have played more than 50 innings or 130 at-bats at the Major League level. Some of the guys on the list are still in their high school years while a few of the members of the list are a bit older. It’s good to know who a team’s prospects are, because they will help the team to maintain itself over the coming years.

Ranked at #20 – Luiz Gohara – 16 years old – Left Handed Pitcher

Luiz Gohara, a 16 year old pitcher who signed with the Mariners’ organization on August 14, 2012, has received $880,000 as a signing bonus. He’s a very physical player, and was ranked as one of the best pitchers in the international market. His fastball clocks out at 95 miles per hour, and he’s mastering the curveball and change-up. In addition, his slider is looking better than average, and this Brazilian has a lot of promise. He’s expected to begin playing in 2017.

#19 – Francisco Martinez – 22 years old – Third Baseman

Francisco Martinez came to the Mariners organization by route of the Detroit Tigers. His career minor league batting average is .232, and his OPS is .626. In 2011, his batting average was an impressive .310 in 2011, and while he’s not performed so high since, he’s very fast and poses a threat once he gets on base. The Mariners have moved him into the outfield to see how he performs out there in 2013. He’s expected to join ranks in 2014.

#18 – Joseph DeCarlo – 19 years old – Third Baseman

 Joseph DeCarlo entered the minor leagues as a third baseman after playing shortstop for his high school team. While he’s doing okay at bat (.236 average with .769 for OPS), he’s still got a ways to go in his development. He has a lot patience when it comes to taking a walk, and when he does connect with the ball, he has a good amount of power. He’s expected to begin in 2016.

#17 – Jack Marder – 23 years old – Catcher

Jack Marder has an impressive .360 batting average, but that’s not the only reason we should have our eyes on this player expected to enter into the Mariners team ranks in 2014. He’s versatile when it comes to defense, athletic and quick when making his way around the bases, and has a lot of power in his swing. Unfortunately, he had a few stints on the disabled list in 2012, so he’ll need to stay healthy and avoid injury if he wants to make it to the big leagues.

#16 – Jordan Shipers – 21 years old – Left-Handed Pitcher

Jordan Shipers  had a no-hitter in 2012, but he still needs to work on his game. While he had his full-season debut last year, he’s working with a slightly above average fastball. His ERA is 3.89, but he could still use some work on his ball control to temper the arm strength he has when pitching. He’s expected to be ready in 2015.

That takes care of prospects 20-16. What are your thoughts on these players’ abilities?