With the recent reports of the Twins looking to cut payroll, could the Mariners help with that?

With reports that the Twins are looking to reduce payroll, who could the Mariners target to help them with that? With the Twins looking to upgrade at first base, is there a potential swap to help out both teams?
Division Series - Minnesota Twins v Houston Astros - Game One
Division Series - Minnesota Twins v Houston Astros - Game One / Bob Levey/GettyImages
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Mariners acquire Max Kepler for Cade Marlowe, Prelander Berroa, and Michael Morales

Max Kepler has long been linked to the Mariners. As a very solid defender, a "CTZ" type guy, "left-handed element" with some pop, his fit seems obvious. I would love to add a guy like Max Kepler to this lineup and have him patrol right field. He is coming off his best season since his 3.8 win 2019 season that saw him hit 36 home runs. In 2023, Kepler slashed .260/.332/.484 with 24 home runs in 130 games. He produced a 124 wRC+ and was worth 2.6 wins according to fWAR. He would slot in well right in the middle of the order and could do some serious damage to the Hit it Here Cafe.

As previously mentioned, Berroa gives the Twins a high upside, potential high leverage reliever that is able to play in the big leagues but has struggled with command. Cade Marlowe gives them an older outfielder at 26 but he showed some really good potential. He slashed .239/.330/.420, good for a 112 wRC+. In his time in the minors, he has hit everywhere for power and average. He also has elite base stealing ability. Morales gives the Twins an arm, that should move fairly quickly over the next couple of years and could become a solid back of the rotation starter.