With Marlins already selling, here are four players Mariners could target in a trade

The Miami Marlins are not a good baseball team. They have started the season 10-28 and just traded their best player, Luis Arraez to the San Diego Padres. Jerry Dipoto should call the Marlins and try to pry one of their better players away.
Pittsburgh Pirates v Miami Marlins
Pittsburgh Pirates v Miami Marlins / Kelly Gavin/GettyImages
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Was it just luck that the Marlins made the postseason in 2023? They do not look like the same team in 2024 and they have already started their fire sale at the beginning of May, trading Luiz Arraez to the Padres. It is pretty early in the season to trade your best player away, and many are speculating that the Marlins will have a full fire sale. When your own General Manager doesn't believe you are a playoff team, then that means you are probably open for business.

Jumping out ahead of anyone else, like the Padres were able to do to get Arraez, could be the way to success for the Mariners. If they are able to get a deal done before the market is set, they could end up getting a player for a cheaper cost than they might be able to do come the end of July. Plus, you would get that player for all those extra games. If you can land an impact player that could swing an extra game or two for you in May+June+July, why not go for it?

The Mariners have made plenty of deals with the Marlins in the past. In 2017 they traded for David Phelps, in which they traded Pablo Lopez who currently is the Ace of the Minnesota Twins. They also traded for Dee Strange-Gordon in 2017. With the Marlins off to a horrible start and the news that they will be sellers, who could the Mariners target in a trade from the Miami Marlins?