Where does MLB.com rank the Mariners farm system heading into 2024?

MLB.com recently came out with their rankings of all 30 farm systems in the MLB. Just a few years the Mariners had one of the top farm systems in baseball. Where do they rank for the preseason of 2024?
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In 2022 the Seattle Mariners had the #2 farm system in baseball. They were led by Julio Rodriguez who has now become a star for the Mariners. Noelvi Marte was also at the top of that list but was traded to the Reds in the Luis Castillo trade. George Kirby, Emerson Hancock, and Harry Ford rounded out the Mariners' top 5 in the 2022 MLB prospect rankings. Since 2022, many of these players have graduated from the prospect list and the Mariners farm system isn't as highly regarded.

Last season the Mariners started the season with the 24th-ranked farm system, but then they had three picks in the first round thanks to Julio Rodriguez winning the AL Rookie of the Year as well as a competitive balance pick. With those 3 picks, they took Colt Emerson (22), Johnny Farmelo (29), and Tai Peete (30). All these players are high schoolers and ended up ranking in the Mariners' top 10 to finish the season. With these picks, MLB.com ranked the Mariners farm system at 19 at the midseason in 2023.

"in 2021 and 2022, the Mariners had a top-ranked farm system according to various publications. But now? “We have more talent in our system now than we did then,” Dipoto said. “They're all at A-ball, and I think as they start to matriculate through the system, we will rise in terms of that recognition."

Jerry Dipoto on Seattle Sports

Mariners 2024 preseason farm system ranking: #18

The Mariners farm system comes in at number 18 on the MLB.com rankings. They aren't the best farm system in the league but they aren't the worst and the Mariners have a lot of hitters in the lower levels of their farm system that will be in the MLB in the next couple of years. Players like Harry Ford, Cole Young and Tyler Locklear could all make an appearance with the team in 2024.

Then you have Colt Emerson, Felnin Celestin, Lazaro Montes, Tai Peete, and Johnny Farmelo who are in the lower levels but have tons of potential. In a few years, we could be talking about this farm system being the top 10 in baseball, especially if these players continue to mature to what everyone thinks they will be. Time will tell but it is encouraging to see Jerry Dipoto talk about the Mariners farm system in that way.