Where does B/R Walkoff have the Mariners in this week's Power Rankings?

Each week Joel Rueter of B/R Walkoff comes out with his weekly rankings for all 30 MLB teams. It might surprise you where he has the Mariners this week.
Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros
Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros / Jack Gorman/GettyImages

It is safe to say that the Mariners have finally arrived and look like true playoff contenders. I am not going to lie, I was pretty worried to start the year when this pitching wasn't doing great and the hitting was horrendous. But now the pitching has really hit its stride, giving up 24 runs in 22 games, good enough for a 1.58 ERA. The hitting has done just enough but has a ton of room to grow and help this team. The Mariners have won 6 straight series going into Joel Reuters' week 6 rankings

Mariner's week 5 Power Ranking: #9

Before last week the Mariners rattled off 4 straight series wins. Sweeping the Cincinnati Reds and then taking 2 out of 3 from the Colorado Rockies, Texas Rangers, and the Arizona Diamondbacks. It took the Mariners until their sixth series to win once they won one they couldn't stop. That is all you can ask for as a fan of your team, just win every series. Before last week's ranking the Mariners were ranked 20th. It is crazy how far they have jumped in such a short time.

Mariner's week 6 Power Ranking: #7

The Mariners currently sit atop of the AL West with a 19-15 record and just took 2 out of 3 from the Atlanta Braves who are ranked number 6 on Joel's rankings. They also took 2 out of 3 from their division rival the Houston Astros which very well could have been a sweep if it wasn't for a bullpen blow up in game 1 that George Kirby left early with knee discomfort. It is safe to say the Mariners are here to stay and I wouldn't be surprised if they continue to rise in Joel's rankings, especially when the weather warms up and the Mariners struggling hitters come around.