Mariners' Ace heading for a precautionary MRI on his knee

The Mariners' young ace was pulled early from his last start, and after dealing with soreness the last few weeks, is headed for an RFI
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Just as the Mariners were getting ready to get Bryan Woo back, another injury has potentially struck the starting rotation. George Kirby has been dealing with some soreness in his right knee lately, and was even pulled a little early from his last start just to be precautionary. He had already thrown 6 innings and 88 pitches, so it wasn't crazy early, but it sounds like a healthy Kirby would've thrown the 7th.

George Kirby is having an MRI on his right knee

The good news with all of this is that it is precautionary. All reports have it that he has been dealing with it for a couple of weeks, and even icing it after starts. However, it sounds like he is still set to make his next start, but the MRI is being done just to make sure that the Mariners know exactly what it is that they are dealing with.

It's bad news, but as of now, it isn't the World is ending type of news, more of a waking up with a crick in your neck style bad news. We never want to see someone injured, but it's coming at a decent time. Bryan Woo is set to come back, and Emerson Hancock doing a bit better and likely staying in the rotation until the starting 5 are all healthy.

Kirby has been dominating, and it makes you wonder how bad this really is. He's thrown 24 innings over his last four starts with just a 1.13 ERA and 1.61 FIP, locking down hitters with just two walks. The hope is that it's just some kind of inflammation, or a slight tear that would cause him to only miss a couple of starts.

Results aren't out yet on the MRI, but we should hear about them soon. Once we do, we will make sure to keep you all updated on the Mariners' young ace, and let you know all the latest news on George Kirby.