When do the Seattle Mariners City Connect jerseys come out?

Seattle Mariners v Baltimore Orioles
Seattle Mariners v Baltimore Orioles / Patrick Smith/GettyImages

Starting in 2021, MLB started releasing City Connect jerseys for a few select teams. They were alternate jerseys with different schemes and fonts (for most teams) that were supposed to connect with some type of history or heritage pertaining to the team and the area. Some have been incredible, and some have been very reminiscent of a homework assignment put together in 30 minutes that barely scrapes by with a passing grade. Starting in 2023, the Mariners get to join the list of City Connect Jerseys.

The announcement was made the week before the season started as the new Atlanta Braves City Connect jerseys were unveiled. Alongside that announcement was the fact that there would be six teams in total getting the City Connect Jerseys this year... with the Mariners launching theirs on April 28th and wearing them for the first time on May 5th.

The Mariners City Connect Jerseys will be out on April 28th and worn on May 5th

It's gonna be a long month waiting to see what the jerseys look like, and the hope is that they embrace the city and do something that gives off a strong Seattle vibe. We've seen both success and failure, and I'd love to see the Mariners jersey join the success column of the jerseys.

If you've been waiting to buy a jersey, this might make for the perfect time to add one to your collection. In one month, we will hopefully be seeing a new edition to a great rotation of Mariners uniforms. The Steelheads ones were a massive success, and it would be nice to see this one approach that level of appeal. The Mariners start playing this week, so make sure to stay tuned for more information about the jerseys as they become available.