What is the next shoe to drop for the Mariners?

The good vibes are headed to Arizona, while the Mariners continue to reimage a contact-oriented 2024 roster.

Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners
Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Jerry Dipoto, the Seattle Mariners' President of Baseball Operations, leaned into his "Trader Jerry" persona this afternoon when he shipped strong clubhouse guy and power threat Eugenio Suarez to Arizona. The return could be better. Dipoto landed Seby Zavala, a backup catcher coming off a down year (0.2 WAR), and Carlos Vargas, an intriguing reliever with control issues (7.71BB/9), with the only 'positive' from the transaction being removing 214 strikeouts from the roster. 

Looking at the return, Arizona is picking up the entirety of Suarez's $11M salary. So, there is that, but another shoe must drop soon, right? Right? 

Before we get too crazy about the team following the "adding contact" narrative Dipoto unveiled to the media at the recent Major League Baseball General Manager's meetings, let's look at some possible moves that could come on the heels of this transaction.