What a Mariners and Astros mega-trade could look like between AL West rivals

The Mariners' window has been opening while the Astros' window has been closing. Could a mega-trade be put together to benefit both sides?
Minnesota Twins v Houston Astros
Minnesota Twins v Houston Astros / Tim Warner/GettyImages
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What would it cost?

A lot! When you're talking about making a deal within your division, and one of this magnitude, the Mariners will have to relinquish some of those prized prospects. Most deals involving a guy like Tucker will involve prospects, and the Mariners have plenty of offensive bats to give Houston, but it feels like if Houston is going to risk watching Tucker crush them for 1.5 to multiple years in Seattle, they may want a little more than the average team. This is where the conversation about Verlander comes into play.

In a proposed mega deal, Seattle will be acquiring both Kyle Tucker and Justin Verlander, in exchange for starting pitcher Bryce Miller, #2 prospect C Harry Ford and #9 prospect Michael Arroyo.

You won't see many trades from myself or anyone that has the Mariners giving up a 25-year-old starting pitcher with Miller's stuff, and who won't be a free agent until 2030. He's the type of potential star that you only trade if you're getting a true game-changer. 

Harry Ford is a top 50-100 prospect in baseball and could be a real valuable piece to the franchise for years to come, likely starting next season. Michael Arroyo is a forgotten name who still has legit trade juice and potential to be something in the bigs.

 You don't give up all this talent unless you are walking away feeling like you're the best team in the American League. Houston can provide this type of deal.

If you're Houston, I don't think you entertain such a massive trade unless you get two key things: controllable talent, a new face of the franchise that can help now and will be a part of your next hopeful championship push. The Mariners can provide that for Houston.