What a Mariners and Astros mega-trade could look like between AL West rivals

The Mariners' window has been opening while the Astros' window has been closing. Could a mega-trade be put together to benefit both sides?
Minnesota Twins v Houston Astros
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Justin Verlander: One last ride?

If they feel the run is over, then it also makes sense to move guys like Alex Bregman and Justin Verlander, Houston heroes who are in the final year of their deals potentially. Verlander is a name that should intrigue many ball clubs at the deadline, even the Mariners.

If your answer isn’t Clayton Kershaw, then Justin Verlander is the best pitcher of this generation. The former MVP, 3x Cy Young winner, 9x all-star, and 2x champion has one of the most impressive resumes ever, and is still a good pitcher at age 41 in what may be his final season. 

While his number may not be as dominant as a few years ago, Verlander still has shown an ability to be an elite pitcher and be the legendary workhorse that he has always been, despite Houston’s problems. 

What Verlander brings isn't necessarily about the regular season (he's still pretty dang good), but it's about what he brings in October. Verlander has 37 (38 total appearances) postseason starts spanning over 18 years. His teams are 22-16 when he pitches while he's posted a 3.58 ERA and going seven plus innings 12 times.

While Tucker is the secret offensive superstar, Verlander is the household name that may have a few more postseason heroics in him, especially if you get him out of the Houston ballpark and into T-Mobile Park for a legitimate postseason run. As the Mariners have seen far too much over the past 8+ years, Seattle has been an all too friendly place for Verlander.