What a Mariners and Astros mega-trade could look like between AL West rivals

The Mariners' window has been opening while the Astros' window has been closing. Could a mega-trade be put together to benefit both sides?
Minnesota Twins v Houston Astros
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The 2024 Seattle Mariners are far from perfect, but they sure are sitting pretty as they make a trip out to Florida to play the Marlins. The M's are sitting at 44-33 heading into Friday with an eight-game lead over the Houston Astros. With over an 85% chance to make the postseason, President Jerry Dipoto and GM Justin Hollander are in a good spot to reach the playoffs for only the second time in 23 years, but there is work to be done if the ballclub wants to make some noise. 

Despite an impressive record (on pace for 94 wins), the Mariners only have a +11 run differential and their offensive numbers are concerning to say the least. The team is currently 28th in average, 26th in on base percentage, and 23rd in slugging. Their offense currently doesn’t have a player with an OPS+ higher than 120. Historically, you need 3 or more hitters with an OPS+ higher than 120 if you ever want to see your club in a League Championship Series.

As incredible as the starting pitching has been and as resilient as the bullpen has performed, Dipoto and Hollander have to know that if they truly want to hang more than just a division title banner, to be able to win a five or seven game playoff series with the Yankees, Orioles, or Guardians, they’re gonna need to go all in. There’s a balance to this, as a team with a loaded farm system, a frustrating budget, and leadership in a contract year. This team is also loaded with young talent, and a successful power move could make Seattle a legitimate World Series contender for multiple years, a place we all know the Mariners have never been to. 

In part one of our “All-In” series, we look to our hated rivals in Houston for a chance to rock the baseball world, and get to the Fall Classic. 

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