Top 10 trade values and targets for the Mariners at this year's deadline

The Mariners are a few key pieces away from being a real contender, are any of the pieces needed on this list?
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2. Pete Alonso, 1B (New York Mets)

The New York Mets are not going to be competing this year, but we already knew that. The Mets said this to their former ace pitcher Max Scherzer, who just so happened to let the world know what he was told. 2024 will be, and has been, a transition year for the Mets. Why is that important? Well, the Mets face of the franchise, Pete Alonso, is a free agent after this year. The Mets have not signed him to an extension, and he will most likely leave as a free agent.

Enter the Mariners. The Mariners offense needs consistency more than anything, and Pete Alonso brings one too to the table: Power. He has never hit less than 40 home runs (not counting the 2020 season), and has hit as many as 53 home runs in a season. He will not be winning any batting titles, and he will not steal 20 bases, but he will hit a massive amount of home runs, and hit at a league average rate. He also strikeouts out at a below average rate (19.4% for Alonso, 22.8% MLB average).

Last month, The Athletic's Jim Bowden claimed that the Mariners are one of the best landing spots for Alonso, and even gave a mock trade. The Mariners would send Emerson Hancock and Ty France for Pete Alonso in this scenario. While I think that is a fair price, I am not sure the Mariners would move on from France all together. If France was not in this deal ,you would have to imagine that a few prospects would head to New York. I would not think any of the top 15 Mariners prospects would be traded away, because Alonso is a rental.

I also do not think there is a chance he signs an extension with Seattle, at least not during the season. He will hit the free agent market, and maybe the Mariners get him back form there. But this kind of trade will ultimately be a rental deal, and one the Mariners absolutely should make. His bat would help carry this offense, and help bring consistency to this lineup.