Top 10 trade values and targets for the Mariners at this year's deadline

The Mariners are a few key pieces away from being a real contender, are any of the pieces needed on this list?
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1. Vladimir Guerrero Jr, 1B (Toronto Blue Jays)

And at number one, we have Vladimir Guerrero Jr. I still have him at number one, even though these rankings are based on value, because I think he would be that valuable for the Mariners. He is not a rental, he will be a free agent after the 2025 season. There could be a chance that he would be willing to sign long term and play for the Mariners for the rest of his career. Having Julio and then Vladimir Guerrero locked up as the faces of the franchise for years to come would be a dream come true.

I wrote last week on what it could cost for the Mariners to acquire Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Yes, he would cost a lot to get, but if he were currently on the team, he would be the team's best hitter, and it is not all that close. Some current Mariners hitters have been hot here and there, but what Vladimir brings is consistency. Something that seems to plague the Mariner offense.

His slash line (as of June 3) is .291/.388/.404/.791 with an OPS+ of 130. He has hit just five home runs, but he also does not strike out. His current strikeout percentage is 17.4%, and his walk percentage is 13.2%, which would be a career high. Would you rather trot Vladimir Guerrero out every day at DH, or Mitch Garver? Garver is striking out 31.8% of the time and hitting well below .200. Start Vladimir at first or at DH, and hit him second in the lineup every day.

The Blue Jays are one 10 game winning streak away from this not being in the realm of possibility, but that is a franchise that seems to be trending downward. They have decisions to make on both Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bichette, and it does not seem likely that they can resign both. Out of all of the possibilities i have listed, this is the player I want the Mariners to trade for most of all.

As always, Go Mariners!