Top 10 trade values and targets for the Mariners at this year's deadline

The Mariners are a few key pieces away from being a real contender, are any of the pieces needed on this list?
Chicago White Sox v Toronto Blue Jays
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7. Tyler O'Neill, OF (Boston Red Sox)

I think the Mariners could use another power bat, this time from our old friend, Tyler O'Neill. Like Mark Canha above, Tyler could fill in as a platoon bat in the outfield, matching with Canzone or Raley, or he could start every day. He is a gold glove outfielder, and has light-tower power, when he is healthy. He is a free agent after this season, and with the Red Sox not being real contenders, he will likely be on the move come July. His cost would not be all that much, because of the injury history, but make no mistake: Tyler O'Neill is a difference maker, when healthy.

6. Tommy Pham, OF (Chicago White Sox)

Tommy Pham is a polvoriving player. From an outside perspective, Pham seems to not be able to stick around anywhere too long. He started 2023 with the Mets, then was traded to the Diamondbacks, and was a key figure in them making the World Series. He did not sign a contract until after the season started, and he signed with the Chicago White Sox knowing he would likely be traded again. He is off to a good start, hitting .280 through his first 33 games. Pham is a winner, and would be a difference maker on the Mariners.

5. Bo Bichette, INF (Toronto Blue Jays)

Bo Bichette would be a lot higher on this list if he was having a typical Bo Bichette season. The problem with Bichette right now is he is underperforming, and his cost would still be more than Vladimir Guerrero Jr, who is performing. Bichette plays a premium position and has a long track record of success. Currently, he is hitting .236/.284/.343/.627 with an OPS+ of 81. While I am not thrilled with giving up a prospect haul for a player who is 19% worse than a league average player, you make this move expecting 2024 to be an outlier, and for Bo to return to form. He has proved that he is a premier talent in the league, and he would fill in nicely, wherever they slot him in.