Top 10 trade values and targets for the Mariners at this year's deadline

The Mariners are a few key pieces away from being a real contender, are any of the pieces needed on this list?
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10. Gio Urshela, 3B/1B (Detroit Tigers)

Gio Urshela is a player who does not fill up the stat sheet. He is a bit of an empty batting average guy (.277 batting average, but a .681 OPS), who can play some decent defense. He does bat from the right side, so he would fit the platoon role with Josh Rojas. His strikeout rate is good, as he has struck out in just 14.6% of his at bats. Urshela signed a one year, $1.5M deal with the Tigers in the offseason. As of writing this, the Tigers are out of contention for the A.L. Central, and would be fighting for a Wild Card spot. Should Detroit choose to move him, his price would not be high at all.

9. Mark Canha, OF/1B (Detroit Tigers)

It may seem like I am picking on the Detroit Tigers, but they have some players who I believe would be good fits here. Insert Mark Canha. Canha is a right-handed hitter, so he could replace Mitch Haniger should he continue to struggle or get hurt. He can platoon with Luke Raley or Dominic Canzone in the corner spots as well. Jerry Dipoto has coveted Canha for a while now, and this maybe the year he can get him. Canha's slash line is .247/.358/.401/.759 with an OPS+ of 116. He strikes out below league average and walks above league average. Mark is 35 years old, and is a free agent after this season. He is one on this list I really hope the Mariners go out and get.

8. Brent Rooker, OF (Oakland Athletics)

I really like Brent Rooker. I think he would be a good fit in Seattle. The problem is, he plays for the Oakland Athletics. Will the A's actually trade one of their best players, who is under contract through the 2027 season? I don't think they would. But in cse they are willing to do so, he is on this list. Since the start of 2023, Rooker has hit 42 home runs, and has a slash line of .256/.338/.508/.846 with an OPS+ of 137. He could fill in in the outfield, or at DH. I think the chances are slim, but Rooker would be an awesome Mariner.