Top 10 trade values and targets for the Mariners at this year's deadline

The Mariners are a few key pieces away from being a real contender, are any of the pieces needed on this list?
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As we inch closer to the trade deadline, the Mariners find themselves in prime position to be a "buyer" instead of a "seller" this year. The Mariners are currently in first place in the American League West, and the rest of the division is filled with warts. Sure, the Rangers won the World Series in 2023, but (as of writing this) they are two games under .500, and they are in second place! The Astros are surprisingly bad, and are littered with key injuries. Could this be the Mariners year to win the Division and enter the Post-Season for just the second time in over two decades?

With the current roster, it'll be tough. The starting rotation is just about set in stone, and they have been effective. The Bullpen was supposed to be a strength for the Mariners, but they have been a touch inconsistent. The offense as a whole has been worrisome. It seems like only one player can be hot at a time, and so far, none of them have been Julio Rodriguez, or offseason additions Mitch Garver and Mitch Haniger. They need a key bat, or two, to take pressure off of Julio and bring some serious length to this lineup.

While there is not a list of those kind of hitters lining up outside of T-Mobile Park waiting to sign here in the offseason, the Mariners will need to add either with home grown talent or via the trade market. We know this front office is not afraid to trade anyone, or for anyone, so that seems like the easiest and most logical answer here. The prospects the Mariners currently have are still a year or two away, so the only way they can help the 2024 Mariners is by sending them to another team for a proven, A orB tier hitter or two.

While I may not want the Mariners to part ways with the future of the team for a short window now, remember this: Banners hang forever. Are you sick and tired of looking up in the Right Field rafters and seeing banners with 1995 or 2001 on them? I know I sure am. Let's put 2024 up there, and to do that, they are going to have to make a trade.

With all of that being said, here is my list of the "Top ten values and targets" for the Seattle Mariners.