Three new Seattle Mariners to keep an eye on in Spring Training

With all the trades and transactions the Mariners made this off-season, here are three new Mariners to follow in Spring Training.
San Diego Padres v Seattle Mariners
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New Mariner to watch #1: Third Baseman Luis Urias

Luis Urias came to the Mariners through a trade with the Red Sox as the Mariners sent relief pitcher Isaiah Campbell to Boston to complete the deal. The debate currently over who the starting third baseman for the Mariners will be on Opening Day is a good one. Seattle not only has Urias as a third base option, but they also have infielder Josh Rojas, who also can play third.

The Mariners have two choices at third base, and how they decide to use Luis Urias is going to be interesting. Will he be used just as platoon option who can play in place of Rojas against lefties, or is Urias going to make the majority of starts at third? Urias also has the ability to play second base and shortstop which means he can play all over the diamond.

Urias is a unique depth piece who can fill in wherever he is needed. How the Mariners play him in Spring Training will be fascinating. Urias has a good glove and can be used in critical situations late in games when the Mariners need defense. Urias has the chance to be a defensive specialist or the Mariners' next starting third baseman. How he plays in Spring Training could go a long way in determining Urias' future in Seattle.