Three moves the Mariners must make before the deadline

New York Mets v Houston Astros
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Take a Chance on a Likeable Veteran

Do you know what coincided with the Mariners' magical run in 2022? The arrival of a proven veteran leader in the clubhouse. Someone who could cut through the tension. Someone who has been there and done that. Last year, that veteran was Carlos Santana. With Pollock and Wong's pronounced struggles, the clubhouse needs this presence.

There are a few options for Dipoto and Hollander in this arena, such as LaMonte Wade Jr., Randal Grichuk, or the recently released Wil Myers, but I'd like to go a different route.

What about bringing this guy back? Hear me out. Yes, the traditional slash line looks terrible (.215/.346/.346), but the underlying numbers tell a different story. He's hitting the ball with authority (52.2 hard hit rate) and walking at a career-high pace (16.7). The Mets gave Vogelbach a mental break with a week off, and the results immediately showed up in the box score. This Mets team is on the fringes of the NL Wild Card race, has a built-in DH raking in the minors in Mark Vientos, and needs relief help. Sounds like a match, right?

The 30-year-old slugger hamstrings Servais a bit, as he is probably 90% designated hitter and 10% first baseman, but the Mariners can't be choosey. They can't enter the trade deadline looking for a bat for a specific position. Find the bat and adjust accordingly. Vogelbach is known for his humor, Ruthian homers, and larger-than-life presence. That is what the Mariners need to break the tension. Bring Vogey home to play the Carlos Santana role. It's time.