This wild Luis Robert stat shows why the Mariners need to trade for White Sox star

Would the Mariners be crazy if they traded for this star player who has hit more home runs in Seattle than Julio Rodriguez?
Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners
Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

As we get closer and closer to the trade deadline, more and more speculation surrounds the Mariners. Will they go out and trade for a superstar? Will they stand pat and do nothing? Will they sell off players to keep building for the future? Any of those could be a possibility. The Mariners have traded for a superstar before when they acquired Luis Castillo. They've sold off key relievers while they were in the midst of a playoff run. With this front office, you just never know.

Currently, the Mariners sit 6.5 games ahead of the second-place Texas Rangers, and are ten games over .500. If the Mariners are able to keep this lead over the Rangers, why couldn't the Mariners trade for a superstar? I think they will, it will just depend on who and what your definition of "Superstar" is. We have written about the Mariners trading for Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Pete Alonso, and Luis Robert Jr. over the past few weeks. Could one of them be a Mariner come August 1st?

Each of those "Big 3" players have been linked to the Mariners from various insiders. All three would make the Mariners much better, and there is not a wrong answer as to who would be the right choice for the Mariners' front office. But this crazy stat may be the difference maker for Jerry Dipoto and Justin Hollander:

Luis Robert Jr. has more home runs in T-Mobile park this season than Julio Rodriguez.

Did you read that twice like I had to? I was surprised that Julio only has two home runs in T-Mobile Park this year. Earlier this week, the Chicago White Sox came into town for a 4-game series. Luis Robert Jr. homered three times in those four games. The Mariners were able to take three out of four against the South SIders, but Robert definatley left his mark.

Robert has had an up-and-down career. There is no doubt he has the talent to be one of the best players in baseball. His biggest question mark is his health. He spent several weeks on the injured list this year, and he has only played in 100 or more games in a season once (2023). He has only played in 16 games this season and has 12 hits. Seven of those 12 are home runs, with three of them hit in this building.

While the thought of adding Robert to the lineup is exciting, it is not just his injury history that scares me. It is what the cost would be to acquire LouBob that has me concerned. I have no problems trading prospects for proven talent, and championship banners hang forever, but I am not too keen on moving 3 or more top 100 prospects for a player with such an injury history. I love the talent, but sometimes availability is your best ability.

It has been reported that the White Sox are looking into a similar type package that the Washington Nationals got when they traded Juan Soto to the San Diego Padres. The Nationals sent four top 100 prospects plus two more players for Soto and Josh Bell. Those prospects turned into their new starting shortstop and one of their better pitchers, plus James Wood, who is a top 10 prospect as of now. That would be quite a haul the Mariners would have to send if they were to come close to this type of deal.

The last part of this is his contract. Robert signed an extension with the White Sox back in 2020. Robert will make $15M in 2025, and has two club options worth $20M each in 2026 and 2027 before he becomes a free agent. Robert is far from a rental, and on a real team-friendly deal. Players like Luis Robert Jr. do not come available too often, and the Mariners should jump at the opportunity to acquire such a talent.

As always, Go Mariners!