This day in Mariners' history: Edgar Martinez ties an MLB home run record

Edgar Martinez put together a very impressive performance 25 years ago, tying an MLB home run record along the way
Seattle Mariners v New York Yankees
Seattle Mariners v New York Yankees / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

Edgar Martinez is, without a doubt, on the Mount Rushmore of the greatest Mariners of all time. He has put together some of the best numbers throughout history, combining his ability to hit for power as well as an elite ability to control the zone. Martinez's career earned him many accolades including being a seven-time All-Star, five-time Silver Slugger, two-time batting champion, getting an award named after him in the "Edgar Martinez Outstanding Designated Hitter Award" and finally, getting enshrined in Cooperstown as part of the 2019 MLB Hall of Fame class.

As part of Edgar's historic career, he had some very iconic moments, echoed by some of the greatest calls from one of the best announcers ever in Dave Niehaus. We have "The Double" as the most iconic moment in franchise history alongside Cal Raleigh's walk-off home run to break the longstanding draught. The night before that, he also hit a grand slam as part of a seven RBI win against the Yankees.

Today, however we take a look back at a very historic moment as part of a regular season series that saw Edgar tie some rare company. On this day, 25 years ago, Edgar Martinez would put on a performance for the ages.

In true Edgar fashion, he would park three bombs in the same game, all to a different direction, showing just how great of a hitter Edgar his. In the fifth inning, Edgar does a great job driving a fastball deep to right field for his first homer of the game. In the sixth inning, with a runner on second, Edgar sits back on an off-speed pitch and smokes it to left field. Finally, in the eighth inning, Edgar is all over a high fastball, driving it deep to centerfield for his third home run of the game. As beautiful as those three home runs were, the only thing that might be better is listening to a Dave Niehaus home run call...they are just so great and bring back so many great memories.

For any player, a three home run game would be a huge feat in itself. but not for one of the best Mariners players of all time. What makes this day so important and allows Edgar to tie a home run record was also what he did on the day before. On May 17th, 1999, Edgar hit two home runs, giving him five home runs in just two games, something at the time, only 21 players in MLB history had done. Edgar would go on to have a historic career with many accolades, but today, instead of focusing on the entirety of Edgar's career, we broke it down to a particular day, one that many fans may not remember.