These 4 Mariners have made massive jumps in ESPN Prospect Rankings

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Jonatan Clase - Unranked, but now a 50-FV tier player

The way it's set up, it makes it look like Clase is ranked 74th. It would actually make sense and doesn't seem like a stretch. The dude has incredible speed, is showing good pop, and can hit from both sides of the plate. Just 21 at AA, he is doing well for his situation. In fact, he's got me wondering just how good he can be, cause the ceiling is pretty high up there. I actually talked to Kiley a little bit, and these are just guys who are moved into the 50 FV Tier.

Arkansas, and the league that they are in, isn't easy to hit in. In fact, it's known as a pitchers league. The strides that Clase has shown so far in 2023 have put him on many a radar, at least for those who weren't already aware of him. After how he hit in Everett, the Mariners had no choice but to keep challenging him by moving him to AA. Check out his Everett numbers.

21 Games. .333/.453/.701. 9 2B. 7 HR. 17 SB. 17% walk rate. 26.4% K rate.

That's a lot of power and speed in a limited time, and done with a pretty good eye as well. Yes, it's A ball, but he did that all before his 21st birthday. With an arm hovering around average, a good glove, plus-plus speed, and a bat that's looking good, Clase is worth of talk for a top 100 spot, especially if that power can stay in the mid teens.