5 comps for Mariners OF Jonatan Clase

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Since the start of the 2021 season, Jonatan Clase has been one of my favorite Mariners players in the system. There's just something exciting about uber-fast players. Guys who are a danger to move up a base no matter where they are, whenever a ball is in play. Clase is 100% that guy.

Just look through his stops throughout Summer League, Complex Ball, and the Minors. In just 221 games, he already has 130 steals. He's not slowing down as he moves up in levels either, swiping 28 bags on 32 attempts through 37 games this year.

If it was just speed, that would be exciting enough. Someone who can play some high-level defense in the outfield for the Mariners, even potentially supplanting Julio in center at some point because of his speed and range. The arm might need to get a bit stronger, but he's been making strides there as well.

However, he is more than just a speed guy.

After putting in a TON of work, Clase has taught himself how to switch-hit in order to be a more complete and dangerous weapon at the plate. Across A ball and AA in 2023, he is hitting .287/.395/.574 as a lefty and .310/.412/.738 as a righty. If you noticed, those SLG numbers are high. That's cause Clase has also developed a decent amount of power. He has 12 doubles, 3 triples, and 11 homers already this year, in just those earlier mentioned 37 games.

Now, we finally get to the point of today's article. Who are some possible comps for Clase? I'll keep it relatively recent. It's fine sometimes to go back and compare to a guy from way back in the day, but it's a bit more fun when it's a more relatable and better-known name. Let's get to it, moving up the ladder from the relatively low-end comparison to the possible ceiling for Jonatan Clase.