These 10 Pitchers have struggled the most in their careers against Mariners hitters

Throughout the history of the Mariners, they've been able to figure out certain pitchers. Here are the 10 that they've done the best against

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Jaime Navarro: 17 GS (23 G), 117 IP, 6.08 ERA, 1.69 WHIP, 155 H, 43 BB, 18 HR, 5-12 Record

A 90s staple, the Mariners did quite well against Navarro. In nearly a full season worth of work, the Mariners hit .322/.378/.483 across 482 AB against him. It was the end of his career where they shined, with a 8.91 ERA across 33.1 IP and a 2.19 WHIP, leading to a 5-1 record in those appearances against him.

Jim Abbott: 19 GS, 121.2 IP, 5.25 ERA, 1.59 WHIP, 154 H, 39 BB, 63 K, 4-13 Record

Of any team with more than 50 AB against Abbott, the Mariners did the best... and they had 501 AB against him. They would go 13-4 in his outings, slashing .307/.354/.449, constantly putting pressure on him. As the innings build, anything this high shows constant success. They would hit 10 HR in just over 60 IP in his last three seasons across 8 starts, leaving a bad taste in his mouth about his career against the Mariners.

Brad Radke: 24 GS, 154.2 IP, 5.06 ERA, 1.36 WHIP, 174 H, 36 BB, 28 HR, 102 K

This one stands out to me, cause Radke was known for not walking people. 1.6/9 his entire career, and 10 straight years of 2.0 or less to finish out. Plus a five-year stretch where he walked just 1.1 per 9. The Mariners got on at a rate of 2.1 per 9, and when you have a homer rate of 1.64 per 9, it leads to a lot of potential runs. The Mariners were the only team to face him more than twice and post a 5+ ERA, and they saw him 24 times.

Here are some all-time worsts against the Mariners, with those who threw at least 100 IP

HR allowed: Jack Morris - 37
BB: Roger Clemens - 107
K/9: Larry Gura - 145 IP - 2.8 K/9
BB/9: Wilson Alvarez - 120 IP - 5.48 BB/9
H/9: Jamie Navarro - 117 IP - 11.92 H/9

Hopefully you feel better seeing who the Mariners dominated, especially after reading some of those nightmare articles.