These 10 Pitchers have struggled the most in their careers against Mariners hitters

Throughout the history of the Mariners, they've been able to figure out certain pitchers. Here are the 10 that they've done the best against
Twins v Mariners
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Eric Milton: 10 GS, 49 IP, 9.18 ERA, 1.84 WHIP, 72 H, 18 BB, 9 HR, 30 K, 1-6 Record

Big grouping here, and we save some surprisingly good names for the end of this page. We start with Milton, who could never figure out the Mariners across 10 starts. A .346/.390/.572 in 208 AB will do that. Their best year against him was in 2000 when they scored 14 runs in just 7.2 IP.

Scott Schoeneweis: 29 G (8 GS), 52 IP, 9.35 ERA, 2.06 WHIP, 13 HR, 73 H, 34 BB, 24 K, 1-7 Record

It was easy for the Mariners to score against Schoeneweis, since he continually put them on base. Pair that with 18 2B and 13 HR, and his ERA skyrocketed. 40 free passes (34 BB + 3 IBB + 3 HBP) and then 73 hits allowed? Yikes. It wasn't his worst ERA season against them, but 2001 stands out as he had a 8.85 ERA against the Mariners in 4 starts, walking 13 and giving up 5 homers in just 20 innings of work.

Esteban Loaiza: 12 GS, 62.2 IP, 7.32 ERA, 1.88 WHIP, 98 H, 20 BB, 39 K

Here's a name more people may know, as the Mariners saw this former Rangers+Athletics pitcher quite a lot. Another great slash line of .355/.401/.565 with 22 2B and 10 HR led to plenty of fun games against Loaiza, capped off by the final season they saw him in 2006. The Mariners faced him three times and posted a 7.47 ERA against him through 15.2 innings. Fun fact, the Mariners never hit worse than .310 in a season against Loaiza, despite seeing him in 7 different seasons.

Orel Hershiser: 8 GS, 45.0 IP, 5.80 ERA, 1.51 WHIP, 49 H, 19 BB, 23 K

This was the most surprising name on the list to me. Hershiser was a monster, a 200 game winner, and record holder for most scoreless innings in a row. That didn't stop the Mariners from hitting 10 homers in just 45 innings against him. Forcing 3.8 BB/9 and constantly hitting bombs is a good way to get to any pitcher, and helped the Mariners to be one of the most successful teams to ever face Hershiser.

Chris Carpenter: 11 GS (12 G), 63 IP, 6.57 ERA, 2.21 WHIP, 88 H, 51 BB, 11 HR

What jumps out her eis the Mariners WHIP against Carpenter, and the fact that he literally couldn't throw strikes against them. 51 BB in 63 IP is hard to fathom. That's a BB rate of 7.3 BB/9 compared to 2.4 whenever it wasn't the Mariners. A .340/.449/.544 led to plenty of opportunities for Seattle, and you could argue that the ERA should've been even worse for Carpenter.