The Mariners offense is still struggling... Here is a low cost bat that could help.

The Mariners offense has been horrendous so far this season. Mitch Garver and Jorge Polanco haven't done the job. Here's a bat that could make a difference this season.
Atlanta Braves v Chicago Cubs
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This will be controversial. Marcell Ozuna's bat can help the Mariners. The Mariners dont need him him to play defense. They just need him to hit. So far, this season Ozuna has done nothing but hit. His charge into the Mariners would be a welcome income. Given the Atlanta Braves' devastating news about MVP winner Ronald Acuna Jr. Ozuna is a prime trade candidate for the Mariners. The Mariners can make flexibility for an Ozuna trade. which makes it more enticing.

Let's face it, the Mariners need offense, every team in the league knows this. So if the Mariners can find offense on the cheap they need to pounce. The Braves have found them on the outside looking in with the Acuna injury (even if they didn't stop them in the past). A bat like Ozuna could fetch them something. The Mariners could offer the likes of Walter Ford and Luis Suisbel in a trade for Ozuna. Both prospects are in the top 30 for the Mariners. Sporting a strong farm system, the Mariners, have some leverage in trades.

Marcell Ozuna isn't someone to sell the farm over, but he provides a bat for the Mariners. For a team that needs offense, Ozuna could provide a spark to the team. As rumors of Vlad J.R, have hit the rumor mill, is a trade for Vlad Jr, worth the farm for an offensive spark? Can the Mariners get the offensive spark for Ozuna without giving up the farm for the Blue Jays sluggers? Can the Mariners not only win the AL West but the World Series with Ozuna or do they need Vlad JR?

Adding Ozuna would create a weird logjam at the DH position and he might not fit on this year's team. Now with Jorge Polanco serving an IL stint, the team is banking on rookie Ryan Bliss to make some contributions to the first-place squad. But as Jerry and co start to flesh out options on the trade market. A high upside bat at a lower trade cost makes sense for the Mariners as they try to reach to promised land again and win the World Series, bringing glory to the City of Seattle.