The Mariners might have 2 star catchers and a looming decision to make about them

The Mariners already have an everyday, borderline Star catcher. They also have one of the top catching prospects in baseball, and a looming decision to make
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Option C: Keep both Cal Raleigh and Harry Ford

And now to the third and possibly final option the M's could consider. This is my favorite option and I'm sure many feel the same. I do believe that both Cal and Harry can coexist on this team together. Whether that be a combination of the two at Catcher with the other at DH, or ideally find a way to get Harry Ford some reps at 2nd Base or Outfield depending on the teams' needs down the road. Did anyone say Craig Biggio 2.0?

As Cal is only going to get older, it may be beneficial for him to see more time at DH in the next couple of years to ensure that his legs don't give up on him completely. Not to mention the beatings he has endured the past several seasons. It's not easy being a catcher in this league, and if they were able to prolong his career, that may be beneficial to both sides.

The big question that lingers is if Cal does want to stay in Seattle long-term. Only he knows the answer to that. The M's have only had Harry be a catcher so far, and you have to wonder if maybe they are doing that to increase his trade value. That, or if they are thinking they could replace Cal with him. Given Ford's athletic ability, you have to think that he would be open and able to play multiple positions on the field. This would also give the team a backup plan if Cal's numbers start to dip as he ages.