The Mariners might have 2 star catchers and a looming decision to make about them

The Mariners already have an everyday, borderline Star catcher. They also have one of the top catching prospects in baseball, and a looming decision to make
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Option B: Move on from Cal Raleigh, keep Harry Ford

With how little money this team has shown to pay players, along with the future contracts coming sooner for players like Logan Gilbert and George Kirby, letting Cal move on from Seattle could be another option that the Front Office may be considering. If you've been living under a rock, the Mariners do not operate with the same payroll flexibility as teams like the Yankees or Dodgers. Signing Logan Gilbert and George Kirby would not be cheap by any means, although those extensions would be worth every penny.

If the Mariners explore the idea of adding Harry Ford to eventually replace Cal Raleigh at catcher, this move would give them more payroll flexibility for years to come. I'd almost guarantee this would be ideal for John Stanton and his thin wallet.

As well-liked as Harry Ford is, Cal is arguably one of the most-liked players by fans and the team itself. They could always explore trades for Cal, but that would only hurt fans even more. If this is the route they do indeed go forward with, I think this would not happen until Cal becomes a Free Agent in 2028. Cal will be going into year one of Arbitration next season as well.