The Mariners have dominated these 10 hitters throughout their history

Every so often, you'll get a great feeling when you see an opposing hitter step to the plate. Here are the 10 hitters that the Mariners have dominated the most
Seattle Mariners v Cleveland Indians
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We already took a look at the opposing hitters that have kept Mariners fans (and likely pitchers) up at night, dreading the nightmare that is to come as they step into the box. Let's kick those to the curb, and think instead about the ones that calm our nerves knowing that the Mariners have their number.

As we've done so far in this series, I'm breaking it up into three categories. The hitters that have seen struggles in limited plate appearances against the Mariners. Then, those who spent the better part of their careers by not understanding how to hit the Mariners. Finally, we finish up with the ones who put together nearly an entire season's worth of stats looking like AA hitters playing in the bigs.

I put the cut at 20 AB, but a special shout out to Al Pardo, who went 0-10 with a .000/.000/.000 slash line against the Mariners, never making it on base.

Matt Vierling: 0-20, .000/.048/.000, 0 R, 0 RBI, 1 BB, 6 K

Matt Vierling has the worst success of anyone to ever face the Mariners with a minimum of 20 AB. He walked once, and that was the only time he ever made it on base. You would think that he would've lucked into a hit at some point, but it just hasn't happened yet. He is only 27, so he will likely get one at some point. It's funnier when you realize he is actually a decent hitter so far, hitting .261 over 875 AB in his career. Yes, I know that he will likely hit a homer against the Mariners in 2024 now that I wrote this.

Rob Mackowiak: 0-20, .000/.077/.000, 2 R, 1 RBI, 1 BB, 7 K

A little more success for Mackowiak here, as he at least drove in a run and scored twice against the Mariners. Other than that, it was a healthy helping of strikeouts for the catcher who played nearly a decade. He found success against the Orioles going 16-35 with a .743 SLG, but evened that out by playing the Mariners.

Josh Harrison: 5-57, .088/.103/.140, 4 R, 2 RBI, 1 BB, 9 K

I wanted to add Harrison in here because he's still playing and hasn't been able to figure out the Mariners at all. He puts the ball in play a lot with just 9 Ks, but hasn't done anything with it. The one walk stands out as well, as that is just an abysmal rate. He went 2-20 against the Pirates, but has hit .219 or better against every other team in baseball. At least he hit a double and a triple against the Mariners, but didn't even manage one of his 91 career steals against the Mariners.