The 10 All-Time Best Hitters against the Mariners throughout their History

Who has owned the Mariners in their respective careers? Let's take a look at who has done the best throughout their career against Seattle
Los Angeles Angels v Seattle Mariners
Los Angeles Angels v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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We all think about this. The players who seem to just own a team. Like Adolis Garcia against the Astros in the 2023 ALCS. Bitter, yet sweet was that one. Throughout the history of the Mariners, all the way back to 1977, which players have hit the best against the Mariners?

The most important part of this is figuring out what to use as a cut off. We can't just look at best BA without a minimum AB count. If so, then we have 28 hitters who never got out against the Mariners. Surprisingly, no one has ever gone 3 for 3 or better against the Mariners in their career. So no crazy "this guy went 11 for 11" stats today. Kit Pellow did go 4 for 5 with two walks though, so good for him.

10 AB doesn't seem near enough either. Otherwise, the title goes to Jerry Grote, who went 6 for 10 against the Mariners with 7 RBI. That's still darn good, but I don't think it counts for a career Mariners killer designation.

I think I'm going to break these up into 3 categories. The small sample killers, the guys who need to worry about, and the ones that give you nightmares. Hitting .325 in 14 ABs doesn't mean a ton. Doing it over 100 AB will wake you up in a cold sweat.

Let's ease into this and look at the small sample Mariners killers.