The Latest on Teoscar Hernandez

Toronto Blue Jays v Seattle Mariners
Toronto Blue Jays v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

We are about six hours from the Major League Baseball trade deadline. Jerry Dipoto, the Mariners’ President of Baseball Operations, made a polarizing trade yesterday with the Arizona Diamondbacks. That transaction included closer Paul Sewald going to the desert and three “control the zone” type bats that could change the entire trajectory of this team. The big question is, “what is next?”

Jon Morosi joined MLB Central this morning and hinted that the Mariners might focus more on 2024 than this season. His reasoning was the inclusion of Ty France in the trade market, stating that alone shows Dipoto’s desire to reinvent the lineup. I can’t argue with that approach because the 2023 team has too much swing and miss, which is a rally killer in today’s game. The main culprit is right fielder Teoscar Hernandez, leading the American League in strikeouts (143). Below-average defense, tons of strikeouts, and pending free agency have Hernandez on the trade block.

What could or should Dipoto and general manager Justin Hollander target in a Hernandez trade? I’d look to acquire a backend starter and possibly a reliever. Bryan Woo is in uncharted territory, with 73 innings being his previous career high, and the team has stated they’d manage both his and Bryce Miller’s workload by implementing a six-man rotation in August. Acquiring a competent number-five starter is imperative because the Rainier’s rotation lacks quality innings eaters. Adding a reliever would be nicety because Riley O’Brien, Prelander Berroa, Travis Kuhn, and Steven Kolek all are waiting for their call. Additionally, they could call on Ty Adcock, who impressed in his initial stint with the big-league club (BAA .190). 

You would have to think Dipoto and Hollander are burning up the phone lines looking for the best deal for Hernandez. The good news is he is arguably the best bat available, which should only drive up the price. Five hours remain, and the clock is ticking; it’s your move, Jerry.