The Athletic wonders if the Red Sox could offer enough to trade for Logan Gilbert

There are a lot of teams looking for starting pitching, with the Red Sox joining the hunt. The Athletic wonders if they could send enough for Logan Gilbert
Seattle Mariners v Boston Red Sox
Seattle Mariners v Boston Red Sox / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages
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All offseason, the Mariners have been involved in trade speculation with their starting rotation. We've seen rumors involving every single one of their starters, and it shouldn't be a surprise. If Dipoto and Hollander are able to find surplus value in a deal, they are going to make it happen, like they did with the Robbie Ray for Mitch Haniger deal they made this offseason.

The most common names that we have seen out there are Bryan Woo and Bryce Miller. The rumors surrounding them have quieted a bit after the Mariners traded away Marco Gonzales and Robbie Ray, although they did get Anthony DeSclafani in return. With a couple of the missing bats that were so desperately needed now found, the Mariners are down to needing arguably just one bat. Either a legit outfielder who can play a bit of defense, or someone who can man the hot corner.

Would the Red Sox be willing to send enough to the Mariners to trade for Logan Gilbert?

Enter the Boston Red Sox. It recently came out that they are looking to trade for starting pitching, and are looking to use either their prospects or outfielders (or a combination) to make it happen. They've got some strong prospects, and good outfielders as well. Would it be enough to pry Logan Gilbert away from the Mariners?

That's what we are going to look at today. The Athletic brought up a handful of trades that Boston could possibly make to acquire a great starting pitcher and included Logan Gilbert from the Mariners as one of those options. Let's check out the deal. (Behind the Athletic's paywall).