The all-time single season performance Mariners lineup

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Mariners CF - 1996 Ken Griffey Jr. 

The Kid, a.k.a the greatest player in franchise history. He is yet another example of someone with so many seasons that could be given this spot. However, his defense was by far the best in the ‘96 season. Being worth 3.4 dWAR, he himself could man the hypothetical outfield of this team. 

Offensively, this is only the fifth-highest season in terms of OPS+, but any season that ends with the hitter ending with an OPS above 1.000 is legendary. 

Every offensive statistical category is comparable to the best years of his career, and his 9.7 WAR overall is the best in his storied career, making the decision to nominate ‘96 an easy one. 

As for those numbers, he slashed .303/.392/.628 with 49 HR and 140 RBI. Griffey Jr. also added 16 stolen bases while being caught only once. He would not win his first MVP until the next season, but this year at the minimum, should have given him a second-place finish.