The all-time single season performance Mariners lineup

Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners
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Mariners RF - 2004 Ichiro Suzuki 

It was difficult not to give the right field honor to the ROY, MVP, Gold Glove, Silver Slugger and All-Star season of 2001 that kickstarted his career, his record-setting season for hits in a single season is a pretty good choice. 

Getting 262 hits may never be beaten, especially given that a player such as 2023 Luis Arraez is only on pace for no more than 230 hits this season. On top of his record-breaking contact hitting, he hit 37 extra-base hits and had 36 stolen bases. 

He was also a true five-tool player, as like is the trend with these seasons, ‘04 was the best season in terms of dWAR for Ichiro, as he was worth 2.5, more than double his second-highest season. 

Although he finished just seventh in MVP voting, his career-best defense and record-setting hit total are what give him the nod, as in this hypothetical lineup, there is no room for improvement for a leadoff hitter.