The 10 Best Draft Picks the Mariners have ever made in the MLB Draft

Ken Griffey Jr. Mari
Ken Griffey Jr. Mari / Otto Greule Jr/GettyImages
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I've done a couple of Draft articles recently. Looking from every single first round pick they have made up to the 5 times that they royally screwed up in the draft. Let's go a bit positive though, and look at the good side of the draft.

This ended up being a bit tougher than one would expect. Unless I had a massive brain lapse, trying to search for anything out there that lists collective WAR after being drafted by a player, and relating that back to the team they were drafted by... well, it doesn't make for the easiest thing to search. Just a lot of first round pick information that comes back. Not a lot about the "best" picks.

I was able to piece it together between a few different places, researching and reading through to try and find everyone. If I missed someone (note, this doesn't count international or FA signings or trades), please let me know.

However, I think I was able to find them all. Luckily, a couple of them are super easy, and you can probably guess who they are. For the rest, it's a mix of some darn good players still. Even if they didn't do it as Mariners. It's why I've listed their WAR with the Mariners, and then their career WAR in parenthesis. Here are the ten best draft picks in the history of the Seattle Mariners.